Post Your GirlButt Here!

You can post your Beautiful Girlbutt on this page.
Girls, photographers, artists read below for information about submissions.
To post a Girlbutt image, the model must be 21 years old...a grown-up and legal girl.
We encourage legal girls of all ages to join in the fun, anonymously if you like.
You too can be a star on the internet.  Amaze your friends.
Here are today's postings:

"Donna R", Portland OR Photo by JP LeFauche

"Plumber Girl", Burbank, CA

"8 Cheeks", Daytona Beach

"Lee Anne", Marble Falls, Texass

"Mavis with Jar" Louisville, KY

"Ashley" from Oakland

A Half Moon from Haley

world record high jump

"Funny Girl" from LA

Bedtime for "Amanda in Montana"

"Natalia" from Long Beach

"Rosie" from Vancouver

OK, we got this off the internet, but it's funny.

"Claudia" from Edmonton

"Geneva & Carol" from Miami

We just want to see what Girbutts happen, because "girls just wanna have fun".
Send a JPG to the Buttmaster at along with a caption.
Professional photographers and models may include website or contact information.

This web page is Copyright 2004 GBI Graphics.  Contributors retain all rights to photos, but grant GBI Graphics permission to publish the photos on this website, and acknowledge that GBI Graphics has no control over the subsequent use of images by visitors to this site.  If you submit a copyrighted image, the copyright notice must be imbedded in the image or they will be assumed to be in the public domain.  If any submitted photos are copyrighted and submitted to us without permission and posted, the claimant must contact us and we will remove them from the page...we're not charging for photographs, and all submitted photos we post appear to be in the public domain if no copyright notice is imbedded in the image.  If you want a photo to remain posted with coptyright notice, resubmit with the notice imbedded in the image.  If you want credit, we will include that in the caption.  Butt photos are fun, and that's all we are having here at someday a profit.


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